Wrong/Random playing techniques


After using Sibelius for years, I am now making the transition to Dorico.
Not everything went perfect (I have imported my Sibelius-files into Dorico) but it is getting better. On thing isn’t: almost all the playing techniques I’ve written are wrong in the playback.

For example:
I wrote 20 bars of long notes in the string section. Before that, they played arco, so normally I would not write “arco” again. Suddenly, after 4 bars, there is in the play-mode “pizzicato” visible, but is isn’t in my score, and I am not able to delete this.

Also mutes in brass, none of them are visible in the play-mode, even if I write it with the pop-up or the 'playing techniques"-menu (I admit, first I was wrong here, everything was written as normal text).

The correct playing technique is always mentioned in the write-mode, and I have checked all the mutual exclusion groups in the expression maps.

Does someone has an idea? Because I am getting a little crazy…

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the forum, Cedric. I’m glad you’re getting on increasingly well with Dorico. I’m afraid to say that without seeing your project, it’s going to be very difficult to diagnose the root cause of your problem. Please see this sticky thread for more information.

… Smells like a slight misunderstanding of the mutual exclusion functionality… :question: :unamused:

Dear Daniel

My apologies, I had not seen it this post. Now, I have attached the zip-file.

Thank you in advance!
Loki - strings.dorico.zip (795 KB)

your Pizzicato PT is set to Pizzicato alla chitarra which isn’t reflected in the Xmap…change, save and reopen to fix.

Thank you Fratveno! I have changed it, but the problem isn’t fixed yet…

Well, at least it solved the pizzicato / arco problem for me… one thing: did you save, close and reopen the file? I had to do that in order to have the PT lane updated. (there may be other ways, but this is straight forward)

If you have additional problems, I’ll have another look at it! Just shout :slight_smile:

The PT lane will update when Dorico next prepares for playback, so play then stop will do it, or if you’re in Play Mode already then F5 will refresh it.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work…

I don’t know if it really matters, but I’m a Mac-user, working on MacOS Catalina 10.15.3.

I found as with fratveno that I needed to save/close/open project then it works as expected after the pizz pt change. I’m on win 10 so can’t unfortunately help with Mac issues. Whether the written playing techniques like col legno or portato work depends of course on your VST supporting them. You didn’t mention what you’re using?

Ah, Frank (fratveno) is quite correct - I forgot that you have to close and reopen the project for the change to playing technique definitions to work. After I changed the pizz to ‘Pizzicato’ rather than the ‘Pizzicato alla chitarra’ then closed and re-opened, the arco and pizz worked as expected.

You mean that pizzicato and arco still doesn’t work, right? Can you check the attached file?
Loki - strings-TEST.zip (491 KB)
(load it, apply Dorico Pro playback profile - if in doubt, save, close and reopen it)

Above you also mentioned brass mutes. They won’t work because there are no sampled mutes in HAL/HSO (IIRC) so they are not referenced in the Expression Map at all (and it won’t help if you try yourself… When using NotePerformer these will work brilliantly, however.)

There is, however, e.g. a muted (synthesized) trumpet in HAL, but in order to use it, you will need to modify the default Expression map.

I opened the file (yours, Frank), changed the pizz to pizz alla chitara, changed it back to pizz, saved, closed, and now everything works fine in all my documents!

Thank you guys, you were really helpful!