Wrong sounds playing when auditioning and entering notes

Im using the latest version of Dorico and when I am auditioning and entering notes via the onscreen keyboard the wrong sound plays but the right sound plays on playback. I have determined that the sound that plays during auditioning and entering is channel 1 of whatever VST I have selected HSSE or Noteperformer.
So if a Trombone is channel 16 and a flute is channel 1 when I audition or enter notes via the onscreen keyboard for the trombone a flute plays.

The right sound plays when entering notes via the key editor.

I have tried clearing the Audio engine cache and Reseting the Audio engine data

I am using a Mac Air M2 with the latest updates loaded.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is getting very frustrating as flutes don’t sound great in the trombone or Tuba register.

Hi John_Corley, welcome to the Dorico community. I can reproduce your problem, looks like a bug to me (on screen keyboard not triggering the selected instrument’s individual MIDI-channel).

Thank you for the welcome Waldbaer, my midi keyboard when connected works fine so it is obviously as you say the onboard keyboard not triggering the right channel. I’m glad you could reproduce it as I thought I was going mad.
As I travel a lot for work I rely on the onscreen keyboard a lot rather than pack a midi keyboard with me.

Sorry for the long delay in replying to this thread. I can confirm the problem, and I’ve made a note of it so that we can address it in a future update.

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Thanks Daniel, very much appreciated