Wrong translation in German manual

Hi @Lillie_Harris ,
there is a wrong translation in the German manual on this page:

The translation of major and minor is “groß” and “klein”, when dealing with Intervals. In German you only use “Dur” and “Moll”, when dealing with chords. Therefore it should be:

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…and scales.

Of course you are, right, but I was mainly referring to the intervals popover, where you can add intervals and chords.

I will pass this on, thanks for letting me know.

@Lillie_Harris , there are two more bad translations in the German manual:

This should be either “Tacet Seiten”, “Tacet Angaben” or just “Tacet”.


“Gehe zu letzter Partie” is misleading, because in this context it sounds like “Go to last flow”. I would prefer “Gehe zu vorheriger Partie”.