Wrong Translation of Instrument Names (Portuguese)

I would like to address some flaws on the translation to my native language:

Horn’s F abbreviation looks odd, it’s “Tr f. em Fá”, while it should be “Tp. em Fá” or “Cor. em Fá” (both are acceptable I believe);
Bassoon’s abbreviation is “Fag.”, while contrabasson’s is “Ctfg.”, I think you should decide whether to maintain “Ctfg.” and consequentially do “Fg.” for bassoon or the other way around, to keep the consistency.
Piccolo = “flautim”, but “Piccolo” is also a universal name, which is acceptable, the abbreviation is the same;
Tambourine = “pandeireta” and not “tamborim”, “Pand.” as abbreviation;
Crash Cymbal = “Pratos de Choque” and not “Crash (Chimbal)”, “Pt.” as abbreviation;
Suspended Cymbal = “Prato Suspenso” and not “Chimbal suspenso”, “Pt. Sus.” as abbreviation;
Bass Drum = “Bombo” and not “Bumbo”, “Bo.” as abbreviation;
“Chimbal” is a Brazillian term, not Portuguese. Same with “Bumbo”;
Tubular Bells = “Sinos Tubulares” and not “Carrilhão de orquestr a”, “S. Tub.” as abbreviation;
“Inglês” not capitalized in “Corne inglês” for some reason, similar to “Flauta alto”, while the abbreviations are Capitalized. Flute abbreviation currently is “fl.” instead of “Fl.”.

There may be others but these were the most noticeable. I wasn’t able to find a reliable document for such translations, they say a few little variations.

PS: Using Dorico 4.

Thanks for your feedback, which I will pass on to our Portuguese translator for her consideration.