Wrong Turn

Life might be brutal. This story is about a wrong decision and its consequences.
Some may also think about horror movie… but it might also be about picking a wrong destination too.

Listen here: Stream Wrong Turn by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

The initial willing was to develop something around Toms, to explore what they can bring and also to learn how to manage them.

Please, tell me about the mix, its clarity and obviously things you don’t like for me to improve.

Take care.

First of all, I like it and the creativity and effort that went into composing, playing, and producing it. I think the overall mix is good, but the highs throughout are too high (to my ears, at least), and that became a little abrasive at times. That came out in the percussion and in the breathy “exhalations” of the person going through the consequences of their wrong decision.
The track is percussive and sequenced in such a way that the times when an electric piano sound or “horns” came in, it was a nice change that might be worth developing into longer or stronger sections.
That, of course, might go opposite to your vision for the piece. I’ll say once again that I liked and appreciate what you’ve done, so feel free to disregard what I’ve said in terms of needing to act on any of it.

Hey John,
Well, your comments are fully in line with those that my son gave me.
So yes, i need to take care of harshness - fully true, and also add room to the ''melodic/instrument" parts. Obviously , if we were playing that song with a real band, some impros should happen (as for many of my tracks - i still think/compose with true people in mind , and most probably will develop the initial idea)
I also have to admit that i wanted to close on the album. OverLand is a 2 years work, and when i saw the finish line, most probably i didn’t have enough patience… You probably know that feeling.

Thank you so much for your inputs and feedbacks, take care.

Really like this one. I’ll second Schwetz’s comments on the harshness at points though. But the track is really exciting and I like the way you are moving around various chords. Looking forward to your album release! 2 years is nothing! I’m running 7 since my last album!

Thx you Leon, Well, i need to go back and fix this harshness thing. I just bought Yam HS8 (was doing with headphones), so most probably i will have to redo lot of mix.
Take care and thx again for your time & encouraging presence.

Enjoy your new monitor speakers! I have the version just before the HS8 came out, and I’m really happy with them.