Wrong upgrade purchase - HELP !

I have wrongly purchased the wrong upgrade.
I actually have the license for CUBASE STUDIO 5 and I have purchased today the upgrade to Cubase 10.5 from CUBASE 5 wrongly.
I have contacted Nexway and they have informed me that they’re initiated the refund process and I’m here writing you for this purpose as they
mentioned STEINBERG must approve it.
Can any moderator or admin help please?

Hi and welcome,

Sorry, there is nothing we can do here as a users. I believe they are in contact with Steinberg, which will act as fast as they can. No one is able to speed it up here on the forum.

Dear Martin,
Thank you for your reply.
I got in touch with Nexway and they checked again then informed me that Steinberg approved the refund as the code wasn’t used.
It’ll take 72 hours they said so that’s good.