WTF Are Track Presets Stored?

I figured out one of the reasons I find Cubase’s track preset system so useless is because every time I try to load one that I have saved, it lies buried in a sea of crappy stock presets.

So I decided I would just delete Steinberg’s presets, which I will never use, and then I should at least be able to find my own easy enough.

But then the most amazing thing happened. I deleted the stock presets, and then they came back. I have removed the “Track Presets” folder from the C:\users\username\app data\Steinberg directory. Cubase created a new one. But aside from the folders, it is empty.

Yet, when I go to load a track preset, they’re all still there. This tells me that they’re hidden in some database or file somewhere. Perhaps one of you knows? Please? Before my head explodes.

If you open the Location tree in the preset browser you can select the “User Content” folder. This will filter out the SB presets, showing all your user created presets.

I rarely use presets but when I save my own I name them “preset” or even better “!preset!” so they automatically are on top of the list.

I do similarly.

Also, the actual location where they are stored is listed at (a must-read doc):

Great idea SteveInChicago. I’ll try that. Appreciate the assist.



I’m sorry HowlingUlf, but this makes no sense to me. But thanks for the reply.

Thanks Steve. I actually did a search for “*.trackpreset” (star dot trackpreset) to find any files with the extension “trackpreset” and found none.

I referred to the page you linked to, which I’m sure is very helpful normally (seriously. I bookmarked it) but it is incorrect. In other words, Steinbergs own reference sheet to their own friggin software is wrong. :unamused:

There is no “Track Preset” folder in the Cubase 7 or 7.5 install directories. Perhaps even Steinberg doesn’t know where their Track Presets are stored. That’s what it’s looking like.

You gave me the workaround, and I appreciate it. But this is just ridiculous.

Just did a search for mine and mine are in c:\users\MYNAME\AppData\Roaming\Streinberg\Track Presets

Some logical editor ones are in: c:\program files\steinberg\cubase 7\presets\ but others are in c:\users\MYNAME\AppData\Roaming\Streinberg\Cubase 7_64\Project Logical Editor

Its a mess bassically

Hm. looks like that knowledgebase entry needs updating…

If you enter


in a command prompt where does it take you? Is it no longer an alias to the right dir?

I don’t know what you see on Win, but on Mac all user created files go into user directories, and the stuff provided with the installation goes into system directories.

The Program folder is the system-wide one.

But that just separates yours from the Steinberg created presets.

I find organizing my presets very helpful. I often organize them according to what project they were used in. Of course there are some presets that are used in multiple projects. And I definitely want to keep the Steinberg created presets separate. So to do that, I go into Windows and create multiple folders.

Then in Media Bay, in the users folder, I can check and uncheck the folders to view exactly what I want to see. Life was good! :slight_smile:

But recently, this was completely ruined because Steinberg decided to create a auto-rescan every time Cubase opens. The auto-rescan scans the user folder, and automatically checks every box you have deliberately left unchecked. I thought the Media Bay was supposed to be helpful, but here for myself they have ruined it.

I welcome any suggestions if any exist. Work-arounds are just that. This was great before a genius decided the user isn’t capable of using Media Bay so they now automatically check all boxes.

Maybe your use case was not considered, or known.

For good or bad, mediabay expects the user to use tags inside mediabay for that purpose, rather than creating folders in Windows Explorer.

I think I understand the benefit of tagging, but in a situation where the goal is to just classify by projects, plus a few other folders, I think Windows Explorer works great because of it’s simplicity. With tags, I think I’m exposing myself to greater risk!

(I learned a harsh lesson using tags and ratings with Kore2. Result…don’t invest too much time creating them.)

I have asked around, but have received no answers. Why did they change this behavior? In the past the user folders remained the way you left them…either checked or unchecked. But now with auto-scan that choice has been removed.

Please note in that link that one moderator says “by design” but gave no explanation.

I’m certainly not privy to the inner workings of the dev team, but here is one use case that benefits from this function: When a user adds a file to one of those directories in Windows Explorer or in the Finder, while Cubase is not running.

I have recently had the opposite problem. I deleted the roaming folder, thinking that is what was causing specific problems for me, and I ended up deleting the cubase presets permanently. I know this is an old thread, but I know people who have problems like mine are still reading these out of frustration when searching for an answer. If you want to delete track settings or plug in settings they must be deleted out of the roaming folder for steinberg. But I would strongly advise saving these files on an external because they are a pain to get back. I had to install cubase on a different computer and copy them over.

I follow every one of my home brewed presets with jjj which no factory user preset uses. Easy to type, and immediately just pulls up my presets.