WTF Elek drums

hi, i currently have cubase 5 le and just purchased and downloaded elek drums. so my elicenser and activation code is legit. my question is how do you launch elek drums? i keep clicking on it and nothing happens.

I don’t know your answer in version 5, but in Cubase 7 I would create a new instrument track and then hit the down arrow to choose one of my digital instruments such as my drums. Then put midi notes on the track the way you would like. I would assume in version 5 it would be similar. good luck. I’m just a Cubase User trying to help.

thanks for the reply, but it still will not work. its doesn’t even show up in the plug in information window. but, it shows up in the plug in paths window…

Elek Drums is a Groove Agent One expansion. GA One isn’t included in Cubase LE 5.

But you’re in luck, you can upgrade to Cubase AI 8 for a super low price. AI 8 comes with Groove Agent SE 4 which has new content along with all old Groove Agent One kits, and it can load your Elek Drums expansion.

For details see here:

After upgrading, you can then to upgrade to Cubase Elements 8 for € 49.99 if you want. With Elements you’ll get much more freedom, more effects, a light virtual analog synthesizer and the Acoustic Agent studio kit for Groove Agent SE 4, which is far more realistic and flexible than the other stock GA SE4 kits.