wtf haven't been on for ages and no "bugs" on c6

haven’t been on here for ages as my XP still runs shit hot and got fed up with all the portentous w7 users telling us to upgrade and the bickering going on ,but i truly can’t believe my eyes ,steiny have you really sorted all these bugs out and stopped every noob complaining instead of reporting ,if you have i say …

steiny i love you and for twenty years ive loved you and will love you long time and take you to my grave BUT yamaha are not welcome in my grave .

please keep some of the old behaviours and don’t let it turn in to a audio "joke " program like repear or FL which you are in fact doing by adding toying instead of concentrating on the multitrack recording … hay i still love you so its ok !!!

now where’s that cup of coffee you promised me 5 years ago ?

What were you drinkin tonight? I had a number of mojitos :mrgreen:

well you know ,you have to give credit where credit is due ! :laughing: :laughing: