WTF. New version and not on SDA

well isn’t this nice - we are doing some productive remote work. I decide to restart Cubase to install a new plugin.

Whoops - Cubase updates Connect to v5.5.20 within Cubase.

is this update available anywhere else? Noooooooooooooo

connect 520-1

this really pissed me off - good night and thank you for ending our night early Steinberg!!


VST Connect 5 had to be updated for Cubase/Nuendo 11.0.40/41. That’s why Cubase/Nuendo has version 5.5.20 of VST Connect. It contains only an “internal fix”.
Your connection problem must have another reason. Which VST Connect Performer version is your friend using?

See you

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We did not change the connection module, as it is working fine. There must be some other reason.

Performer 5.5.10 is active on the other side, the latest version available from Steinberg site and downloader app.

like I said, we did nothing except restart Cubase. and when it didn’t work I noticed my side with the pro version was updated to 5.5.20

so from your comments, I take it you are involved with programming this part of Cubase ?!? so the error message is pretty clear to me! it states we don’t have the same version. So what should I do to fix it? could I roll back?

The message says that the other side does not respond, and that one possible cause is a version mismatch. Have you tried both connection methods?