From what planet did Jess Lewis come from? :astonished:

Seriously. She was 16 when she recorded that. Holy moly!

Wow. great technique…I think I’ll just give up the guitar now! never was any good on it :frowning: , check this 14 year old girl guitarist out…reckon she might just have the edge technically…

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

if she had looked fully up you would have seen that she is actually an alien.only thing i have in common with that is i have the boss blues drive pedal and the boss rt-20 rotary ensemble , great pedal i aint used in ages. kids today, aint they got better things to do rather than showing us old gits up.

Great playing!

Yeah, she’s made the rounds before as the Stone Faced Girl who can play Eruption. But her technique, while good, lacks anything resembling emotion. I’ve never liked watching her because of that.

Here is another amazing video:


I take your point regarding the lack of emotion and agree :slight_smile:
but Jess Lewis is not showing any emotion either,you can’t even see her face,
I think they are both knocking it out parrot fashion…though with considerable technique that leaves me flabergasted :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

The face is only one avenue for expressing emotions. If one finds another, like playing, then the face does not always have to follow in unison.

I can see your point.

I guess, the point that I was making is that there is a lot more to good technique than just speed. Playing Eruption for “master guitarists” is almost table steaks. But playing something that really requires a sensitive touch and the ability to develop a good groove is something that is less frequently done. You can see this in the use of sweeping arpeggios and the way she plays her grace notes.

totally agree, I watch in admiration at the ability but am saddened by the lack of creativity, I would much rather enjoy a beautiful guitar break with a lot less notes and a bit more tune and feeling

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

One last video, from June 2014.

Video of her starts at about 4:00.

Her technique has only gotten better. She still doesn’t look up, but watch her use of double stops a la Wes Montgomery. Wow.

From some of the comments on that video, it would seem that she wasn’t playing that song note-for-note but did actually insert a bit of her “own stuff” in that song.

I need to split. It’s time for me to rehearse Mary Had a Little Lamb on the guitar. :laughing: