* WyattEarp: "Brother" Cubase

Hey fellow musical minds, this is a song I wrote for my younger brother. Came home one day and this massive realisation hit me that life is tragically short and the loved ones in our lives deserve love no later than now.
This song is for him.

I wanted it to sound like a song you would pull out from the dusty record shelf, gently place it on the turn table, lower the needle, sit back and enjoy. The sound is rustic, but that was the aim here.

Hope you like it, comments welcome :slight_smile:

Cheers, Chris

i really like this style of bare music, as far I am concerned it’s almost perfect. I like the dryness of guitar. Its not over compressed or over EQd. The only thing I am unsure of in mix is vocal, not sure about effects on them. What did you u use, if I knew it’d be easier to say what was bothering me. I feel they should be more in face, a room reverb or a room (very little and maybe a 2nd plate verb for depth??? Just a little so they can just warm vocal a little.

Just a thought but I love this work!

Thank you Chris, this made me think of my brothers too, how I miss them and how we live in different countries now. I was drawn to the song by the lyrics and it tells a story. Great guitar playing and vox. Michael

That is a bloodygoodsong !!great singing and again an excellent vox sound…man …you are just so effing good…respect…Kevin

Nice! :sunglasses:

Yes… the vocal does sound a little distant. I feel it may help with intimacy of the song to have it drier and more forward.

Good stuff.

Thanks a lot for the comments guys :smiley:

Ya the original song was recorded in Cubase Artist 6. Back when I was just getting into the producing “game”. It was one of those songs that was written in an instant, and I’m not sure about you but in those moments I’m grabbing for micorphones, switching on my PC trying to be as gentle with this elusive song idea as I can, but fast enough to capture that moment, that raw emotion of a new song.
I recorded it, did a mix, and bamb that was it. Listening to it again after a little more mixing knowledge was bestowed upon me, I felt the esses on the vocals were to sharp etc, so without wanting to effect the “ruff mix” to much I just de-essed the vocal and left it. I fell in love with the “ruff mix” so changing it would be a hard thing to do.
Back then I used a short delay on the vocal with a touch of feedback to give it that “stadium” vibe.

Thanks for the listen and taking time to comment, appreciated much :smiley:

Cheers, Chris

One thing I often do a lot with vocal reverbs where I want a bit more clarity, and it upfront and intimate is use a substantial pre-delay. So the ‘front end’ of the vocal is dry, but you still get a nice ambience coming in from behind. Might work for your mixes. Just a thought. :sunglasses:

Hi Chris,

great song so far :slight_smile:
I really love the guitar - the voice is also good, but I agree with the others… I would also overwork the vocal effects a littebit.
In my oppinion the delay should be replaced with a decent convolution reverb where you can work with early and late reflections.
The delay sounds a bit weird for me.

Best regards

Wonderful vocal and vibe. My only crit is the noise – is that your computer? There’s probably some freeware plugs that you could apply to this to reduce that. Then, you need to find some way to isolate that noise. I put my computer in a walk-in closet.