WyattEarp: "Shewolf" Cubase 7

Hey there

One of my dear friends is going through a ruff patch in her life (who isn’t :laughing: ) So with my heart in a rather desperate state I wrote this song for her. Its basic piano and vocals, touch of cello.
I try’d to get the rawness of the situation out through the lyrics.

Hope you enjoy it :smiley:

Cheers, Chris


wow Chris ! Straight from the heart, raw emotion and real artistry ! You should definitely keep this one for your album, it touches the soul. Michael

Absolutely gorgeous

Wow thanks so much MFox and KZArider… I know from hearing your work that you guys are up there with the big guns, so your comments are truly gratifying :smiley:

Thank you…

This was an amazing little piece. Your voice, the melody and piano all went very well with each-other. I think it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit more of the cello prominent/varied, but it really isn’t much of an issue. The lyrics are touching and overall it is a very beautiful song. Great job!

Very well done. Your voice has a kind of Chris Martin vibe. Excellent song and performance.

Awesome ! I really enjoyed this beautiful song ! And it is very very well performed … hand down and congrats WyattEarp !

Powerful song…very emotional, great vox sound, what’s the vox path please…nice to have such a good songwriter in our midst !! Kevin

Thanks so much for the inspiring comments guys :smiley: sometimes doubt if I’m ever doing anything right :laughing: Oh the toils of the creative mind :laughing:

Hey Kevin, thanks so much man…!!! :smiley: The vox path is a SE 2200a mkii straight into the Steinberg UR22. Then rennaisance insert compression on the vox channel, a send to some parralel compression which is crushing the vocal heavily. I blend this in ever so slightly. A dark room verb with a long pre delay (120ms), a brighter plate verb with pre delay at 60ms I think, slight chorusing effect and yeah thats it :slight_smile: (and insert EQ obviously)

Cheers, Chris

Gotta get into this production thing…would never have have dreamed of doin all that to a vox…thanks for the info…Kevin