x-keys working with Nuendo?

Anyone using this or similar?


I know there is a trick of adding up and down arrows to the programming so it doesn’t “move to fast” for Nuendo. Other than that, do they work well? Also, is the jog wheel able to be programmed or no?

We have one X-Keys pad running.
A bit of a hassle to get it working, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist …
Works fine, although every now and then the key strokes are not “recorded” correctly.
I.e. sometimes you need to push the button long enough to transmit the KC.
A short thump sometimes doesn’t work.


I had it working, but since I have the small Euphonix/Avid controllers I really do not need it anymore.
So yes in Snow Leo 32 bit Nuendo it worked quite well actually.
If I remember correctly you could includea delay into the macros, so that Nuendo would not have to “swallow” too many commands at at time.


Thanks for the info.

Can the jog wheel be set to work with Nuendo?

I used to use the 'Pro" with 58 keys but it had some issue with Windows “sleep” - would not wake up. So I switched to the XKeys-24 - http://www.piengineering.com/xkeys/xk24.php - and to get it working, I did have to temporarily become a rocket scientist - I told them if I ever had to reprogram it, I’d have no idea why what I did (bunch of code) even worked and they said an easier programming tool was in the works - maybe one day… Still I think it is very handy for Key Commands.

BTW, I have code I can share that would get anyone started who wants it.

It can. Email their support, they will send you the proper file for the jog wheel according to your needs.

Thanks for the info! However, already bought the Pro without the wheel. Anyway, I’m super happy with the product.