X Touch Additional Functions

Hi All, I just purchased the X Touch controller to work with Cubase 11. Its a good looking piece of kit and straight out of the box all of the standard controls work. However the vast majority of the buttons do not relate to functions in Cubase. For example the button marked shift actually performs an undo function, the option button is redo Etc. Its complete nonsense. No problem I thought, I will just reassign the keys in the Behringer software. Problem is there is no software. So I thought I will use the Excellent Generic Remote function in Cubase. Surprise surprise this does not work with the X Touch. You can successfully setup all your commands in Generic and using the learn command you can assign most of the buttons. when you save all this and come to try them absolutely nothing works.
There is an excellent Youtube video showing how you can remap (sort of) the buttons using software called Max or PureData. The trouble is this is not straight forward at all. The guy kindly provides a link to his own page where you can download the files he has created. I will give this a go one day but really hoping there is an easier way. I thought perhaps a software midi filter/modifier might work. Send X Touch data to the modifier and then modify and send out to Cubase. However I am unsure if this is possible as you would also need to set up cubase to X touch modifiers.
Has anyone got X Touch working in a way they are happy with?

Here is a long thread about setting it up. There is also a free overlay floating around (and commercial ones too) so the button names are correct in Cubase. Pretty sure I have that on a different computer.

Found the overlay. I printed mine out on paper a bit heavier than normal and then laminated it before cutting out the openings for the physical buttons.
X-Touch Overlay Cubase.pdf (264.4 KB)