X-Touch Compact controller

I just found out some interesting stuff about my X-Touch compact that I thought I’d share with you.

Here’s my (very cool) setup.
I use a x-Touch Compact because it’s programmable.
I use translators in BMT (Bome Midi Translator) to change cc messages (both fader and touch) to pitchbend (channel 1) and note # (G#7). I’m actually using a Frontier Designs “Alphatrack” in Cubase because it assigns the fader (9th fader on X-Touch in my case) to the selected channel, much more intuitive than MC (mackie control) where you have to bank to find the track and I usually work on 1 channel at a time anyway.
As far as touch goes, I programmed (in BMT) a fader and 3 note on/off messages, 1 note on and 2 note off, I originally had just the one note off but the fader wouldn’t release properly but after adding the second note off, it worked!
The other faders are assigned to FX sends 1-8 with on/off buttons below and Cubase Quick controls in bank B.

Then I found out a very cool feature in the X-Touch Compact that lets you change from Standard Midi mode to MC mode via cc# 127 on the global channel. So I programmed a button on the X-Touch (in my case the far right top of three) to change back and forth from midi to MC modes, Very cool!
In BMT I created a midi router from the X-Touch midi in/out to 2 virtual midi ports (I use LoopBe30 for creating 24 virtual midi ports) so that I can setup a MC in Cubase (as well as a generic remote).
This means I can use both MC and standard midi (with 2 banks, a and b) on the X-touch in Cubase!
This makes this controller extremely versatile.

Hi! Found your post from googling… I don’t use Cubase (Reaper), but I just picked up an X-Touch Compact and trying to figure out exactly how you set up the CC127 Global Channel message (I’m guessing in the X-Touch Editor?) so it actually lets you switch that fast, without turning off.

Another issue I’m trying to figure out is how do you make the virtual MIDI ports (I use LoopMIDI and Midi-OX… not a fan of Bome’s) to get Reaper to recognize one in/out port for MIDI notes / CC messages (standard “MIDI Devices” section) and the other in/out port (the virtual one) for the Control Surfaces setup… I got this to work using a Maschine MK3 controller (CC messages and regular Mackie Mode) which worked great but I want these motorized faders and I want Layer A and B for a lot more midi messages/assignments…

Any help is GREATLY appreciated, thanks again! Also saw your identical post over at Bome’s but I figured I’d sign up here, first…

I actually don’t have the X-Touch anymore (I’m using a Avid Artist now).Yes, I believe I set up the cc127 (to change from cc to mc modes) in the editor. In Bome Midi Translator, there’s a function that lets you route an input to 2 virtual midi ports so that I could set up a Generic Remote AND Mackie Control in Cubase.

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