X-Touch Compact MC Mode Editing Modes


I wonder if anyone could help me with a couple of things. I’m trying out a Behringer X Touch Compact. I’m OK with setting things up in Standard Mode using the Generic Remote dialogue. My queries concern operation in MC mode.

It seems that the SEND, PAN, PLUG-IN and EQ modes (accessed by pushing encoders 9 to 14) all work as intended, but INSTR mode (presumably for controlling VST instruments) seems not to work at all in Cubase 10, and I can’t really even work out what the TRACK mode is supposed to be controlling.

I think the X-Touch Compact is a great value little controller, but the lack of visual feedback on the unit regarding which parameters are being addressed, combined with the lack of detailed documentation, mean you need to engage in some entertaining detective work, if you want to use it to its fullest extent. That’s fine by me - I like fiddling around with this sort of stuff.

I’m drawing a blank on these issues though, so does anyone know what TRACK mode is for, and has anyone managed to get INSTR mode to work in Cubase 10?

Ah, with some more poking around, I now see that the TRACK mode seems to be related to selecting input/output routing and Pre settings (Gain and Phase). Still can’t get the INSTR one to do anything, though.

Just watching this vid. Looks like Logic Mackie Control is much more suited to the X-Touch Compact than the Cubase implementation. Bit of a shame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oahPX2LG088&fbclid=IwAR3D4Bau2etETRfH-j5uj16lFbU57gf7QNxDVZy6Apqr_PD4CnrqWHCYAZI

Hi. You wrote “I’m OK with setting things up in Standard Mode using the Generic Remote dialogue”. You mean that in that mode you can use the faders to control MIDI CC (such as CC1, CC11, etc.) without problems using the Generic Remote in Cubase? I just bought the Compact, and I have no idea hot to do it. Can you explain me in a very detailed way, please? This is the first time i use an external hardware with Cubase. I made a post today about my problem.
Many Thanks. :slight_smile: