X-Touch Compact Problem with Nuendo

Hello all,

After setting up and learning how to use the XR18, today I unpacked X-Touch Compact with the goal of controlling Nuendo, plugins and continuous CC’s. I already got into trouble…:confused:
I set Mackie Control with X-touch Compact as IN and Out on Device Setup.
Firstly, fader number 4 keeps moving to somewhat level -10 and pulsing up slightly at a regular motion. It keeps doing this when ever I turn the unit into MC mode.

Secondly, I don’t have the slightest idea of how to use the editor to change/set the various parts of the controller. Is there any step-by-step manual or tutorial. The how-to videos seem to miss important steps and they usually assume people already know something about the gear.

I am new to Behringer and that is my only down point so far: the how to videos and manuals arre not pedagogical enough. Thanks.

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All opinions appreciated!

If you want to use the Compact to send CCs and such to VSTis or what ever you need to set it up as a “Generic Remote”.

I use mine for a combination of CCs to VSTis and generic remote commands (editing and such).

Use the Behringer App (available on their web site) to set up what MIDI info the Compact sends. This needs to be done with Nuendo closed.

For CCs and anything I want to pass through to a VSTi I use channel 1.
For Generic Remote Commands I use Channel 16.

Then I go into preferences and filter out channel 16 so that data (Generic Remote Commands) doesn’t get sent to instruments even with the Compact selected in “All Midi Inputs”. Having it selected in “all midi inputs” allows the channel 1 stuff to get to the instruments.

Quick explanation.
Hope this helps.