X Touch + Cubasis AND XR18 mixer (the recipe)

Just in case anyone wants to try it.

  1. Use Ethernet to connect X Touch to the same network as your XR18 is on (you can also connect directly)
  2. Connect to the iPad with a USB A to USB B cable and a camera connection kit or another high quality USB interface/hub. I’m using an Anker 6 in 1 USC C hub (HDMI, USB A, Ethernet and USB C).
  3. Configure Cubasis Mackie Control /HUI to connect to BOTH “X Touch INT” input AND output (thanks to Lars for explaining this secret to someone who wrote it about!)
  4. Set the XR18 to a FIXED IP address
  5. On the X Touch, configure “Xctl” Mode (XR series mixers protocol) with interface Ethernet, and set the IP address of your mixer here (this is all explained clearly in the X Touch documentation)
  6. On the X Touch, configure “MC” mode interface USB
  7. On the X Touch choose mode “Xctl/MC”
  8. Boot everything
  9. Toggle between Cubasis and XR18 (or any other of the Behringer mixers that support Xctl) with the button in the top right to the right of the LED display and marker “SMPTE”

It seems quite reliable. And it’s a joy to watch the Scribble Strips and faders dance almost instantly into position depending on what you’re controlling.

Wow, I am SO glad I did not get the FaderPort. If you’ve got a Xctl-compatible mixer, this is the cat’s meow!!

Lars, another commercial for finishing Mackie support. Please:

  1. Channel metering
  2. Plug-ins (and please please please not just yours - I make heavy use of FabFilter and DDMF and would greatly appreciate support)

Happy tracking and mixing!!

Bumping this back up.

Lars, when will see more complete Mackie support?

For me the priorities are:
1) Track meters

2) Control for plug-ins (not just Cubasis’ included as I don’t use them)