X-Touch (+Extender) MIDI Remote Script (MCU mode)


Auto-banking actually works with this script? Just to clarify, track 1 is focused in Cubase. Then I focus track Cubase track 137 and my X-Touch automatically shows track 137 without me pressing the bank button 17 times?

If so I might join the party.

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Yes indeed. It’s awesome.

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Hi @blissdrums,

glad to see there’s another MCU Pro user here! I silently started working on an MCU Pro version of the script this week, the pull request is here #11. Would you mind coming over to GitHub to discuss any MCU-specific issues directly in the MCU Pro pull request? Maybe @skijumptoes can also help us there.

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@bjoluc ,

Awesome, thank you… I have created a Github account and posted to the page. I’ll give this new script a try and let you know!

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@bjoluc ,
Is there a PDF or another document that nicely lays out all the functionality that your script adds beyond the standard MCU? Is it just that readme.md doc on Github? This would be a great help to take advantage of the added functionality. I love the color added already.

Thank you for your hard work. Very impressive!

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@bjoluc @maik74 Is the same script of X-touch applicable for X-touch Compact?

I do not have the Compact and also do not know the documentation of the device.

@maik74 It is okay

How would you envision such a document, besides what’s in the readme? And is there anything I can improve with the readme? Happy to take suggestions for both. Ideally, I’d like to keep one place to document everything and the GH readme is very convenient for me.

I’d say no. This script might work to a certain extent, but I think creating a dedicated (non-MCU-based) X-Touch compact script would make more sense (I’m not going to add support in this script). If you’re thinking about getting a DAW controller, consider investing into an X-Touch – the extra features are totally worth the price IMHO!

Hi mate, haven’t tried your script because I don’t own such controller, just a question: Do you update the MR UI accordingly? The more I use the UI the more I realise that documentation can become less necessary :slight_smile:

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Fair point, the UI shows how everything is mapped too.

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@bjoluc Okay, this is a better suggestion.

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When switching Fader banks, it’s always jumping 8 or 16 faders, depending on if there is a extender connected or not. Would it be possible to always limit it to 8 channels only, even when 16 faders are available?

Hi @mat,
the MR API only offers banking actions for all channels, so there’s nothing I can do here (despite repeatedly shifting by one channel which would run everything but cleanly). I like the way it works though :grin:

Hi @bjoluc,
when I create a new project, or open a previous project, the X-Touch is not recognized.
What should be done?
Thank you

— > EDIT:

I think I fixed it… like this:

1 Open MIDI Remote Manager, Export X-Touch Script (Personal Folder).

2 Open MIDI Remote, Add Control Surface, Import Script (previously exported.midiremote file), Cubase asks to overwrite, ok.

I hope this is the correct procedure!

Hello everyone,
I connected an Extender but I can’t complete the procedure correctly with the script.

I followed the instructions:

0 - I modify the behringer_xtouch.js file already present in the behringer\xtouch folder (the one used so far with the X-Touch only)

1 - replace “main” —> with “main, extender” (behringer_xtouch.js)

2 - restart Cubase and configure the MIDI Remote by clicking the “+” button in the lower zone’s MIDI Remote pane.

3 - I set the following parameters (image)

When I activate the Surface I added I have 2 X-Touch MIDI Controllers in the MIDI Remote screen

X-Touch does not respond well
(faders, buttons, etc… do not reflect commands correctly, buttons do not light up (select, solo, mute and rec) faders do not move when operated from Cubase. The channel selector only works for the Extender. And much more!

The extender seems to respond well.

Where am I wrong?

In your behringer_xtouch.js, it must be :
devices: ["main","extender"]

Then you must set your parameters with something like this (invert the “Ext” and non-“Ext”, I use it in extender,main configuration) :
Don’t use “MIDIIN2” or “MIDIOUT2”, that’s the MIDI physical ports of the X-Touch.

Okay, let’s start over.

I replace devices in the behringer_xtouch.js Script file
devices: [“main”] → devices: [“main”,“extender”]

I restart Cubase and now it looks like this:

I add a MIDI Control Surface with the “+” button:

I Select from the list the dealer “Behringer” and from the list “X-Touch” (should I “add model”?):

Creator of the script (auto @bjoluc), I see 4 midi ports, 2 IN and 2 OUT:

These are the IN ports

These are the OUT ports

I tried with this choice but I had the symptoms described in post 137:

I tried @algrad’s solution (thanks), reverse the ports, but it doesn’t work:

I keep doing something wrong, but I don’t know where. I ask for your help, thank you.

But isn’t the Extender already there in the first picture? Why would you need to add a new surface?