X-Touch (+Extender) MIDI Remote Script (MCU mode)

Why is it mentioned in the instructions:

Setup with an extender unit
To use your device with an extender unit, follow the same steps as above, but edit the script file before restarting Cubase: In the configuration options at the top of the file, replace devices: [“main”] with devices: ["extender ", “main”] (or devices: [“main”, “extender”] if you have your extender on the right side of the main device).

Then restart Cubase and configure the MIDI Remote by clicking the “+” button in the lower zone’s MIDI Remote pane.

Even if I don’t add it, the Extender is displayed in the MIDI Remote, but it doesn’t reflect the script… only the X-Touch still works

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I solved!!!
It was time!!!

After adding the second Controller with these settings:

With all the problems already mentioned…

… I disabled the script by selecting the first X-Touch Controller… and both Control Surfaces disappeared… and only the “+” sign was left… i enabled the script…

Now, adding a Controller with the “+”, sees all 4 ports!!!

This is the correct configuration of the 4 ports!!!


Thanks for helping each other out, guys! As always, I’ll gladly take suggestions on how to improve the docs – maybe in the form of a trouble shooting section?

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Hi guys!

I’ve been using this script for a while, and I have to admit that it works pretty well. However, I’ve noticed a couple of quirks that I would like to address.

First, sometimes, the script is removed from the MIDI Remote Tab, so I have to re-add it. Maybe it’s related to some crashes in Cubase, but no other remote script has this issue.

The other thing I want to do is define F1 on the controller to shift the entire X-Touch setup (I have 3 units with 24 channels and one master fader) to the first page. This can be achieved by defining the bank size (24 channels) and assigning F1 to the command. The issue is that I have to do this EVERY TIME I restart Cubase because the bank definition is lost. Is there any way to make this permanent within the script?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hey Antonio,

that’s odd. I can’t repro and I don’t know what to do about it – if there’s anything I can do at all :confused:

I was surprised to find we have to select the bank size under Mix Console > Mixer Bank Zone > === Setup === in the Mapping Assistant’s Function Browser when it’s already given by the script.

Nothing I can do to fix the root problem, but what about mapping “Reset Mixer Bank” to Shift + Bank Left by default? I think it’s quite useful in general to have a button that jumps to the first mixer bank.

Here’s a quick note that I just released v1.7.0 with some new features and a few improvements:

  • There’s a script variant for the original MCU (Pro) hardware now, thanks to @skijumptoes and @blissdrums’ joint testing efforts :heart_hands:
  • “Shift + Bank Left” navigates to the first mixer bank now (@Antonio_Escobar)
  • “Shift + Display Name/Value” now flips the scribble strip display rows – really only needed for horizontal display metering on the MCU, but doesn’t hurt on other devices too
  • X-Touch users can now set useEncoderColors to false in the config section to always use channel colors for display backlights, regardless of the active encoder assignment

Wise men say this release might also fix potential issues with button lights in future Cubase versions :crystal_ball: :sparkles:




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I just noticed that I can’t really write automation data with “touch” anymore, that is, the data is only overwritten on an existing automation curve as long as I always move the fader, but not if I just touch it, as it actually would be in the Mackie Control protocol. Have I overlooked a setting or does this really not work?

Hey @mat,

you’re doing everything right and there just seems to be no way for us at the moment to fully re-build the functionality of a Mackie Control fader w.r.t. automation. This thread has a discussion about it, and I’m hoping that there will be full support for touch-sensitive faders in the MR API one lucky day. Until then, I don’t think there’s a way for us to work around this :confused:

I like this script, but I’m not permanently deleting the default Mackie remote device yet, because I find the colored scribble strips quite impossible to read. Would you consider adding an option to disable color altogether? Or is there an easy way for me to alter the script in to turn off colored scribble strips?

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Sure, happy to support that in the near future :+1: In the meantime, you can search the script for this.colorManager = new ColorManager(this); and remove that line so the script doesn’t touch display backlights at all.


Hi all!

Been a happy user of your script @bjoluc since February!
Still at cubase 12.0.52 and afraid to update for many issues that I read of you…

But recently I’m missing a feature: SENDS ON FADER. O better; CUES ON FADER.

Maybe its assigned to anye buttop but I didn’'t find…
Also I was thinking on the possibility to duplicate the MAPPINGS sheet but I don’t find the way to switch between your MAPPING (Mixer) and the new one created for the CUES on fade…

Agree with all of you that each time I see the channels colors on my Xtouch+XT makes me smile too!

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Hi bjoluc
This looks an amazing piece of work!

Having read through this thread I’m encouraged to start using a single fader X-Touch.instead of my current Alphatrack.

However, I do not understand coding etc and am blown away by the level of expertise within these threads. Is it easy to just load a file or am I to type in code😩
So, if I may ask for some advice please….if I get one, how do I load the script v1.7 and what are the many changes and actions are incorporated when completed and do they bear any resemblance to the titles on the buttons.?
And , the biggie, am I right in assuming this script resolves not having to switch / select correct banking to auto select ANY track. ?

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Did you already check if there are any changes in the script for cubase 13. Especially the hide function of unwanted tracks in the mixer also ported to the xtouch would be a nice addition if now possible.
Thx for the great work, the script is a dream :slight_smile:
With Beste Grooves
Gunnar Schuettler

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Hi @bjoluc,

this is a great piece of work really. I have one issue though that I haven’t been able to solve: The script works like a charm, but I have to manually setup the remote device each time I launch Cubase. I have been looking into a range of possible causes like write protection, folder protection and other security stuff, but I have not been able to hunt it down. Cubase seems to “forget” about it.

I operate another remote device that does not disappear (Arturia Keylab), so it does not look like a global issue. That other script has been installed via script import instead of copying, is this a possible cause? Because the Cubase API reference claims: “Always use the Import Script and Export Script functions to exchange scripts with other users, instead of just copying .js or .json files. Otherwise, the additional files and settings are not included.”

Other than that, once again - such a great script! Many thanks for the effort.

Cheers isdjan

(Cubase 13, Windows 11)

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Another observation: Under some circumstances, X-Touch remote device does not vanish, but it connects with the “wrong” MIDI ports (midiin2, midiout2) so I have to delete the surface and create it again with the correct “x-touch” in and out ports.

Is there any way to tell Cubase to keep the correct ports? I tried to fiddle around with disabling the midiin2 and midiout2 globally, but that did not work.

Hi! Firstly thank you for this script. I’m really excited by the prospect of working with it. I’ve just got it going with my x touch and extender however I have a problem.

Whenever I move any of the faders on my extender (on the left of the x touch) they just reset to unity and don’t control anything in the DAW. The bank selections are reflected properly in the scribble strip however. When I move these faders with a mouse in Cubase these movements ARE reflected by the motorised faders. The main x Touch is working aa expected. Any idea what’s going on there? I’m using the latest version of Cubase 13

Thanks in advance

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I second that, suddenly with any v12 it started to disappear at startup and I always have to add it manually again. With some older projects it opens wihout a problem though. Now on v13 the problem continued unfortunately. I have 2 other devices running too without a problem (simply added via midi remote).


Hi all,
thanks for all your feedback and kind words! Before I reply to individual ones, here’s a note that I just released v1.8.0. Among other changes, it adds proper fader touch support for automation writing on Cubase 13 (@mat) and replaces the useEncoderColors config flag with a more advanced displayColorMode option, also making it possible to disable display color management altogether (@phubers). I also updated the X-Touch device surface a bit to closer resemble the hardware.

Re Cubase 13: The only thing that is really fixed in CB 13 yet is touch-aware automation writing. Channel visibility is still not respected by the MR API. The encoders seem to be less sensitive in general (a matter of taste, I guess). Unfortunately, setting simple On-Off values (like Monitor Enabled) from Off to On by right-turning encoders doesn’t work anymore. I’ll look into this when I get a chance.



With recent script versions, there’s nothing essentially broken in newer CB versions, so feel free to update if you dare :sweat_smile:

You can use the FLIP button with the SEND encoder assignment for this :upside_down_face:

That sounds like the easiest short-term solution for CUE level control to me. You can use the Mapping Assistant to assign page switching actions from the “Mapping Page Actions” category to buttons of your choice :+1: