X-Touch Midi Remote Cubase 12

Has anyone been able to get Behringer X-Touch working with Cubase 12? I’m having a bear of a time to just get basic functionality. I’ve been able to get the transport buttons working, but the fader functions that were automatic in all other Cubase versions is gone. I’ve tried rebuilding it in the Midi Remote module, but the results are only partially working and not very well at all.

I installed the Firmware update for the X-Touch just to have all my bases covered, but that didn’t really change anything.

Very frustrating of course.


I hope you get a reply as I’m considering getting one of these

Mine works as usual, I think it’s better to set it up as a mackie control unit rather than a midi remote, and that’s probably how you had it set in C11. So make sure your cubase settings ported over C12 cuz that could be the culprit


I got the same problem and the option to set up as a mackie control unit isn’t a option like in 11. works perfectly in cubase 11 :-1:

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Hi @scottgius, please use the common Mackie Control integration for the Behringer X-Touch. It is obviously not working with our new MIDI Remote solution.

This applies to all mix-console like controllers that are “speaking” one of the supported Mackie prototcols.

Same issue here. However, I am using an M1 MacBook. It has the same issue whether I run it under Rosetta or natively. The timestamp display doesn’t show anything, neither does the track names on the controller. None of the lights bar the jog shuttle work and when moving the sliders, the volume is changed within Cubase but the slider will reset to its lowest value about 1 second later (the volume in Cubase remains unchanged).

It’s connected via USB. I haven’t tried connecting using MIDI via the UR242 (neither should I have to) yet.

It is set up as Mackie Control as well. Not sure what else to try except wait to see if the issue is dealt with via a software update.

The mackie option was hidden. Go into the Add device option and you can select it lol.


I tried the MIDI Remote with the X-Touch, it worked, but not as I expected.
You can assign commands to the buttons and the encoders, but these are connected to fixed channels.
So using the MCU protocol is the way to go for now.

I hope this get’s looked at, as the main reason the MIDI remote functionality was so appealing was to finally combine all these homebrew solutions and actually be able to use our controllers fully and seamlessly with Cubase.


  1. Why is there no jog-wheel settings in MIDI remote?
  2. When setting faders to “jump” mode they work @scottgius , and you get feedback from the UI and vice vera, but why is the motion so much more jumpy for basic fader operation compared to MCU?
  3. Why is there no support for endless type rotary encoders for panning applications?
  4. Why can’t we pull certain functions from the MCU tool set into the MIDI remote to be able to combine the best of both worlds? The code is clearly there in the MCU we just wanna combine it with the extended functionality of the MIDI remote
  5. is there a more universal solution in the works? due as part of an update?
  6. Will there be support for scribble strips and track colours in the MIDI remote UI?
  7. Will all this be locked behind having to learn Javascript?
  8. How long before “legacy” (as stated in the Cubase UI) will be removed and the MIDI remote will expected to completely cover that functionality?
  9. When will we be able to take generic remote actions such as opening a 3rd plugin UI!! and map them to the MIDI remote?

It’s almost past the point of incredulity that something like Cubase can’t open plugin UI’s from a controller. It’s 2022, c’mon :slight_smile:


Why do you ask why?
It is like it is.
Senseless to ask… you wont get an answer.

Nobody advertised the MIDI Remote as replacement for MCU or similar devices.

If you don’t want to ask why, then by all means, but stopping other people getting information is kind reductive.

To answer 1 of the questions, because if you’re moving stuff to legacy and you’re gonna stop supporting it, what are the future planned options?

Also, I’ve got the MIDI remote working with faders etc, the channels are assigned on a per bank basis, so as you move along the mixer the control follows with it

The mackie control option isn’t showing when you load cubase 12. To sort this go into studio setup,select the pull down menu on add device and select the mackie control option. you will now be able to set it up like in cubase 11 and works like a dream :grinning: :ok_hand:

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Cubase can do this…
The MIDI Remote chimes in exactly on this…
but not on MCU devices, as they have some limitations to handle things like this.
MCU is using SysEx data to communicate with the DAW. Combining MCU with MIDI controls is not possible on devices like the X-Touch.

Phew @W4RM3CH4N1C, lots of questions!
I can only repeat again what @Matthias_Quellmann said: “This is the beginning”.

Whilst it works, there are many limitations to MCU which make it borderline useless as a decent control surface.

I don’t want to do your workflow a disservice, but at the same time every time I have to use the mouse to replace the control surfaces lack of function, e.g. opening 3rd party plugin UI’s is another reason to question why in 2022 we still don’t have a fully fledged solution

I believe the MIDI remote is absolutely on the right path, but there is so much potential not quite realised IMO

Only if you have a generic remote and a template with the settings enabled.

Even if you can do it “natively” it’s behind like 6 pages and not remotely intuitive, it’s literally quicker to do it with the mouse.

I’m not sure many would agree with you MCU is fine the way it is and please do direct me to the settings which can be used to open 3rd party plugins, I’d genuinely be interested to learn.

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Appreciate the response, hopefully there’s more to come by way of a reply and by way of features / annoucement / plans :slight_smile:


I know that… but it’s possible… I tried it on my X-Touch.

Ha? Where did I say that? I just said, it is like it is, not that it is perfect nor good.

My apologies I mis=read a post of yours. The point still stands that MCU isn’t ideally implemented in a variety of controllers including the X-touch.

I’m still curious to know the MIDI remote paramters which open 3rd party plugins you mentioned.

Again to re-iterate, MIDI remote could easily serve as a potential replacement to all these old tired contol protocols and could be a massive boost to productivity and workflow.

I can’t make you see the benefits, but I’m still going to pursue them myself if that’s okay with you? :wink:


Can we expect new features with the next maintenance release?