X-Touch One and X-Touch Extender - Working together

Hi All,

My son uses Cubase LE and and is interested in buying the Behringer X-Touch One.

First question:

Does anyone have experience with this with Cubase and what are your thoughts?
I’m aware of the ‘follow-track’ issue when switching to a next group of tracks. (Banking)

Second question:

Is it possible to connect both the X-Touch One and X-Touch Extender?
How do they function together?

?? As separate devices, basically duplicating the functionality (e.g. X-Touch One fader controls track that is also controlled by a fader from the X-Touch Extender?)

?? Or as extending devices.(e.g. X-Touch Extender controls track 1-8 and X-Touch One controls track 9)

I would probably say that ‘duplicating the functionality’ would work best since you would like to use the various buttons/functions on the X-Touch One to control the selected track.

I’m looking forward to your experience!