X32, a Steinberg Interface, and OBS

Like many other churches we are having to dive into the live stream game due to state regulations. Here is what I am trying to accomplish and also what we have:

Behringer X32 (latest firmware)
Stenberg UR12 Audio Interface
Windows PC running Cubase 10.5 Elements and OBS (I also have the VoxengoRecorder (64bit) VST plugin)

I have the X32 connected to the PC via USB, there is also a FOH mix that is running out of an AUX into the interface.

What I am trying to accomplish is this->

x32->DAW and then from the DAW->OBS.

I can see some channels coming into Cubase but cannot figure how to get sound out…even using the above mentioned VST plugin. Any and all help welcome. Thanks!

Have you ever resolved this issue?

I’ve just started with Cubase and OBS and have resolved the issue getting output from Cubase to OBS using ReaStream.

The next step (for me) is getting audio in from an X32 to Cubase. So far no luck in establishing comm to the X32 with the ASIO4ALL driver. If I switch to the X-Live ASIO driver I can’t (so far) push the output to OBS.

I just started working on this but if you have made any progress your input would be very helpful.!
Screenshot 2020-12-21 211024|690x219


I never did resolve the issue after a ton of research. We didn’t have time to keep looking. Our final solution was to run the X32 USB out into a PC that uses Reaper (DAW) and then use the ReaStream to get the sound into OBS. It works magically and there is nearly zero delay! Let me know if there is anything else I can share with you or help with. Sorry I couldn’t help with Cubase.

In Christ Alone,

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