xfer cthulhu

hi,i have just spent a few hours trying to suss out how to work cthulhu in Cubase 8pro
I have checked tutorials and on this forum.
stil no luck
is anyone using it,and could explain how to route it to a vst?

I can’t wait to hear what this subject is all about. Seriously, a wiki search reveals… Well search for yourselves.

Yowza. :sunglasses:

I tried it when It 1st came out…the GUI was waaaaay to small for me…


Found out what it is just don’t know how to pronounce it.

Post the fix

Add a new instrument track and load Cthulhu.
Add another instrument track and load your VST plugin, e.g. Massive.
Change the Midi In source on the VST plugin to Cthulhu MIDI Out.

I finally got it
as above but also the vst track needs to be record armed,the midi info from vst track needs to be moved to the chuthlu midi track,and chuthlu midi track needs to be record unarmed

Hi there,

since I am new here I smehow can not open a new threat/Question so I am using this one.
I have a similar problem like funkman used to have but a little bit more strange. I am using Cubas 8.5 Pro 64bit, Cthulhu and HalionSonic SE2.
The settings are set as instructed: midi output of Cthulhu is input of halion and everything works as long as I am just hit the play button. The melody over the chords can be heared. So far so good. Whenever I try to record the midi from the output of Cthulhu into a midifile in sonic as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ao9Lo1mvC8#t=13m25s ,
it doesn’t record single notes. All I get is the chord that Cthulhu had in its track at the moment I stop the recording

e.g. if the progression was C D E all 4/4th and I stop right after the second bar I get a D chord which fills these two bars.

I hope soneone can help me.