Xfer OTT freeze hang On Exit

Hello everyone
In the last few months I have had to finish Cubase from the task manager every time without knowing why. Weeks ago I was able to understand the reason for this problem and it was a Vst of XFER OTT. I made several attempts like not using 3-part plugins and exclusively using OTT and every time I use it Cubase crashes on the exit… The general problem that other people use it quietly and have no problems I would like to know why. My PC is a Notebook Omen 16gb ram Nvidia GTX 1660 TI. I also tried to use different versions of cubase but this particular plugin causes it to crash
I hope someone can help me

Yes, confirmed here and also on several places too. Its cause of steinberg in correlation with newer windows (in my case 1909 but also confirmed on 1903 as well) Reaper and few other daws are free of this bug. And unfortunately it isn’t fixed and no workaround since the release of Cubase 10. Didn’t tried any prior versions on new system, but on Win 10 1511 no hangings/freezing on exit on any of cubase versions.

Here is a bit deeper discussion on that regard: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=286&t=182408&p=1012216#p1012216

So installing Windows 10 version 1511 should I fix this problem? I’ll try!

I am 90% you will, but than u will have limit on FLS slots (please google that if you arent sure what it is) If you never get over FLS limit Win10 1511 would be completely fine :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you get problem on 1511.

I didn’t test it but probably on some later or better to say few versions prior 1903 there is no hanging on exit, meaning that this is introduced 1903 and onward. Somehow I have that feeling.

Unfortunately due to Driver problems of my video card 1511 I was not able to try it … I was able to try the 1809 and this version also has problems with OTT

Is 1809 is the first version supported by your video card? Also you could maybe try integrated for 1511? Its a hassle I get used to it unfortunately.
Steinberg is familiar with problem and hope they will fix it in Cubase 11 which is around corner. But that wasn’t always practice through these years (decade and so) :frowning:

OTT crashes Cubase for me too, when removing it from an insert.

Yes, Me too.
Even using it in direct offline processing cubase 10 completely freezes the daw … I also tried using JBridge to use the 32bit version and nothing changes. I think the only way is either to use an autokey that kill cubase or not to use it. it’s a hate

If the rumours are true, we wont be needing OTT for much longer.

I just tested this and indeed, removing OTT stopped the freezes.

It’s not that big of an issue though. Use task manager to exit Cubase. OTT is a great plugin, not going to stop using it because of this.

Tried on cubase 11. same exact problem again… I think the only solution is an update of the vst in vst3 even if I see it tough since they haven’t updated it since 26/01/2015

https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=310&t=202131 new topic. Cubase 11