Xfer OTT VST 2&3

so ive got a big problem, I use cubase 12 in Rosetta and am trying to prepare for the transition to Cubase 13, I use OTT in almost every project and I had the vst 2 version running up until today, I installed the new version and all my projects using OTT have the settings erased. I still have the vst 2 version on my computer (in the vst folder) but cubase wont pick up on it, is there a was that I can get the vst 2 version also in cubase but make it the defult so all the other projects that I have not opened and that I have used OTT for will still have the same settings? I am still using Cubase 12 with rosetta.

if you take the vst3 version out from the VST3 folder and restart Cubase it should pick up the vst2.
Nothing to loose trying.

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yeah good idea because it did but now Iā€™m just trying to figure out to have them co exist because I managed to get them to show up but cubase now crashes every time I try to open the vet 2 version of the plugin

According to Steve, who wrote this plugin, there is no way. You should know as you have just been to his forum, Doc.
And if you had just spend a couple of minutes on research that topic would have jumped right into your eye.

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I just find it weird that there is no way to have the settings transferred

On second glance I think Steve might have fixed this issue in version 1.3.7.
So, I guess you ought to update your OTT.

Anyway, this is a topic for Xfer Records, not for the Steinberg forum.

where about did you find the info about the version 1.3.7