XFER Plugins Not Displaying GUI Correctly (Cubase Pro 10.5)

When opening any XFER plugin, there is a serious issue with the GUI of the plugin. While it’s not a black screen, there is a GUI but all the knobs are blank as well as the waveform display. When moving a knob a flash of a display will appear and once moving has stopped, it will dissappear. I have been in touch with Steve over on the XFER forums which you can read here -> https://xferrecords.com/forums/serum/serum-x64-not-displaying-correctly-in-cubase-pro-10-5

I have tested the plugins in Reaper and they work fine which leads me to think that the file directory is not the issue and something within Cubase is causing the problem somehow.

I’ve tried all the advice you can see in the included link from attached link on the Xfer forums including changing NVIDIA drivers, re-installing, moving the Xfer presets folder etc. and feel that I’m at the end of my possibilities with it now after months of trying to get it to display correctly.

This used to be my go-to synth for some types of sounds but no it’s become unusable. I hope someone can shed light on a fix or similar issue as I can’t find anything currently online which addresses it.

Thanks in advance,


Could you try to use generic Microsoft graphics card driver instead of dedicated NVIDIA driver, please?