Xg midi

I have a Native Instruments KA6 USB interface.
I now have a Yamaha CBX K1XG keyboard pluged into the MIDI ports on the KA6 interface.
I can see the keyboard activity on Cubase 12 and in the MIDI remote Cubase can see the Keyboard.
In the left hand pane of Cubase which had inspector on the tab i can only see the KA6 on the outputs but i cant access the XG sound libraries.
Also how do I get to listen to the MIDI tracks do i have to route them to another track ?

Have a look at the first 5:30 minutes of this video to make sure you have your keyboard connected correctly:

For the Cubase specific part have a look at this video. Kindly note the section where Greg creates a MIDI Device (at 1:10). You want to use “XG Device” there.

Many Thanks.