XlM file

I have imported an XLM score for symphonic orchestra created in Cubase. Original key is D minor, in Dorico clarinets, French Horns in D and F and trumpets parts appear in D m and I would see them in their reals keys. Is it possible ,

Thank you for your help.

You can use the Change Instrument feature to change the instruments that Dorico has chosen for you automatically. Go to Setup mode, expand the cards belonging to the players whose instruments you need to change, and then hover over the little instrument label underneath the player’s name. When you click, a menu will appear, from which you can choose Change Instrument, and then choose the new instrument you need with the right transposition.

Thank you for your help, I succeeded in doing what I wanted to do. There is just one thing which is going wrong : when I edit Trombe in F Dorico write Trombe in E#.
Thaknk you for your help.

That doesn’t sound right. Can you attach the project here so I can take a look?