Xlr to 1/4" cable for CI1

Recently, I have been using a Lightsnake USB to XLR cable to connect my mic with Cubase. However, I have been hearing very annoying white noise behind my audio. So, I am planning to get a Ci1, but I will need a female XLR to 1/4 inch cable to connect my mic to it. The trick is finding one that does not produce noise behind the audio. So does anyone have any recommendations which brand/model cable would be best for me to purchase? (Preferably under $100) Thanks.

The CI1 accepts regular XLR cables or 1/4" .

Thanks for the reply! The cable I currently own wouldn’t connect to the CI1, of course, because the XLR end connects to the mic and the usb end to my computer. So I guess what you are saying is I could use either a male XLR to female XLR cable or a 1/4 inch to female XLR cable to connect my mic to the CI1. Which cable normally delivers the better quality?

The correct cable to connect a standard (Low impedance) microphone to a CI 1 is an XLR male to XLR female balanced cable (aka “microphone cable”), nothing else.

Thanks for getting me on the right track. The XLR spot is for mic cables, and the TRS for guitar cables. I am currently using a Conquest mic cable with my CI1 and it is working excellently. Not that I recommend any name brand mic cable, because they are all basically the same (properly shielded, good quality, no noise etc.) if they are manufactured by any kind of company. The only thing that is really different among them is length and gauge. Mic cables are also alot better than those USB to XLR cords, NEVER buy those…