XMAS discounts. When?

Want to buy Halion 5 update from Halion 4.
I sit and wait for discounts! =)
Let’s quickly until I changed the opinion and not spent all the money on other software discounts =)

I don’t believe there has ever been Christmas sales on Steinberg products, not that I have ever seen. The prices are set from the beginning of their release and generally stay that way.

Needless to say, the update price from HALion 4 to HALion 5 is quite small in comparison to what you are getting in HALion 5, over that of 4. As wonderful as HALion 4 was, 5 maintains every single aspect of that and adds so much more. You would spend more on a one time, fancy dinner, then it will cost you to update to HALion 5 and your return from that investment will be so much more. I highly recommend HALion 5 and don’t think you will be at all disappointed.

A year ago they sent a letter to offer a discount on the software. I upgraded from Sonic to 4. This year, I expect the same suggestions, just =)
I’m not saying that expensive price. Everyone loves Christmas presents =)

If that is the case, then I stand corrected! I personally have never seen a discount given via a letter before, but if you hold out and that happens, good for you! Regardless of when and how much you pay for HALion 5, you will love it, I’m sure!

Bought HALion 5 Update! And I love it =)

hahaha, great job man! I am glad you are liking it! Now Christmas came early and without waiting! I wish you the best over the holidays on being as musically productive as possible! :wink: