XMF merge mono to stereo = CLIP


i have 2 mono tracks coming from a music i did, the video editor splited them and now it’s 2 mono.
also the music is split in lots of regions (matching editor video cuts i guess)
anyway i merge them to stereo and i end up with loud clips on some regions have no idea why. Monos don’t clip at all, but when summed stereo goes very loud clip (no volume, no gain)
so what i did is i bounced the monos (my pref is set to FLAC)
and now i merge to stereo and it works well…
it’s ok but would be convenient not to have that clip. not sure what XMF is really and if that’s the reason. maybe i should tell clients to avoid xmf.

I would make sure if those 2 files are indeed your original stereo channels, maybe the video editor sent you a dual mono of one of your original stereo channels. If that’s the case, it makes sense you’re getting a higher level, you’re summing the same source. And if you’re indeed summing the same source, delete one of the tracks, there’s no logic keeping the same mono source on a “stereo” track.


no really it’s weird. if anything would clip it would clip in my tracks on playback the same after and before merge.
and i’m not talking +6db but heavy clipping on calm audio material.
and once bounced in flac although it sounds the same when playback, the merhe function now works fine.

You must be doing something wrong.
When converting tracks from mono to stereo, the files are hard-panned Left & Right, which means they play at exact the same volume as their previous mono-tracks.

Sure you haven’t dragged these stereo files into a mono track or group?


I agree with Fredo.

And could poor crossfades be an issue? (genuine question) If there are edits crossfades would carry over from the editor, and I definitely have received some AAFs with strange xfades.