xml export problem

I have a project with 2 flows which I need to export as an XML file (in order to import it back into a new project)

Problem is: Dorico won’t load the just created XML file. Successfully opened it in Sibelius but only the second flow was present. I was able to re-save that as an XML and load it back into Doric but I’ve only got the second flow and quite a bit of detail stripped out. Any Suggestions. Thanks

Dorico will export whichever flow is shown as the current flow in the title bar of the document window: to change which flow it considers the current flow, select something in that flow.

I’m marginally surprised that Dorico won’t open a MusicXML file that it has exported, but MusicXML export is in a pretty basic state at the moment so there could well be some lurking gremlins there. If you could send both the Dorico project and the MusicXML file you’re having problems with (either by email or PM if you don’t want to attach it here) we can take a look.