XML file from Dorico into C11 : A good thing corrected.

I just imported an XML file from Dorico into C11 and it’s perfect. The same file was imported incorrectly into C10.5 and created a lot of problems (inaccurate measurements, lag, no anacrous). A good thing corrected.

Hey cmbourget!

Great to hear. Could you maybe explain, how you prepare your XML before exporting? I try finding myself spending hours on:

  • Renaming Staffs in the Scores Editor Setup
  • Reasembling Clefs in the Scores Editor Setup
  • Assigning expression maps that wont be transfered to dorico (such as pizz., col legno, etc.)
  • Cleaning up the midi, because score editor will recognize every little note overlap.

In the end, I have the feeling midi works much better. Dorico does a much better job when it comes to cleaning up overlaps, etc. But the downsite is, the midifile doesnt contain expressions, dynamics, accents, staccatos, etc.

Hi Gadgetsz,

I just wanted to talk about measures and anacrous. C10.5 did not understand anacrouse and was overriding some single bars of 3/4 in a 6/4 context. Hence a disorder everywhere. C11 respects all of this perfectly.

I also have on the score imported into C11 all the indications of nuances, legato, crescendo, etc. But unfortunately XML does not seem to transfer the controller lines. Only MIDI transfer seems to do this. J, would like to make a mistake here!

I’m trying to import MIDI in parallel to get the controller lines, but it’s not easy. that said, I accidentally clicked (right button) on an item in the in-place edit, and found some important controller options (Velocities in C1, etc), but I can’t find it anymore! However, I know Cubase quite well. I’m new to Dorico, and with the new C11 that’s a lot, basically, and you have to take the time to analyze.

For expressions maps, I believe it is impossible at the moment. But I see that Dorico export to MIDI in the form of notes the KS corresponding to the articulations of the score.

Hope others will help on this thread.