xml file import by drag & drop crashes Dorico

to let you know:

Try to import this xml file:
bdur.7z (18.1 KB)
If you do this by file->import->musicXML it’s ok.
However if you drag & drop the xml into an existing Dorico window it freezes the application.

I’m not sure that drag n drop into a project window is a documented method. Prolly best to avoid it!

Don’t know - but I’ve used this method multiple times and this is the first time I’ve encountered a crash. I filter files through musescore beforehand to be sure (to a high extent hopefully) that the xml file is ok and that’s what I also did in this case.

“Doctor, it hurts when I …”

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With the weirdness that so often accompanies MuseScore’s MusicXML handling, stating that it passes is hardly a recommendation. Finale or Notion are much, much better than MuseScore or Dorico in that regard.

For what it’s worth, I can’t reproduce a crash when dragging and dropping this MusicXML file onto Dorico, either with the Hub window or a project window open. hpta, perhaps you could do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so I can get a look at the crash logs?

Well, I am quite confused. I couldn’t reproduce a crash with the MusicXML file from the OP. Then I discovered that I have two MusicXML files in the project folder … so I thought I’d made a mistake and was about to apologise for wasting your time (and I probably did make a mistake when reporting, I am sorry about that) … But with the second file (directly from Photoscore I guess which produces sometimes weird xmls and I get that faulty xmls can crash the application ) I managed to crash Dorico via drag and drop (but only once, second time it was ok)
so the second file:
bdur_maybe_this_one.7z (9.47 KB)
and two diagnostic reports
Dorico Diagnostics_older.zip (444 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (432 KB)
The “older” one should contain some information from the time I reported this.
The second report was created after today’s crash.

Another crash after a while. I decided to convert a file from Musescore to Dorico. In Musescore I do xml export, then try to import the xml file via drag and drop into an existing window (the window with the thing from the previous post, probably)

I saw an interesting “error saving file” message before the crash (and I remember clicking on the second window - maybe a quick change of window focus while importing can also cause problems??)

I guess I’m gonna use the standard file->import way for importing things,
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.47 MB)

I think you might have the option to suspend ASIO devices when Dorico goes into the background enabled – please try disabling that (in Preferences).

Finally at the computer I’ve experienced all these crashes (and with that darned USB thing :wink: )
Yes, that setting was enabled. I disabled it and then I tried opening a lot of projects, importing xmls, switching between windows, playing back stuff and a youtube video at the same time … no crash - so perhaps the cause for crashes was bad audio configuration (and/or specific “instruments” in the xml)
So far so good. Thank you. I’ll try to do some work and if any crash occurs I’ll report it.