Xml file to Cubase LE

I want to import xml files to Cubase LE (not the pro version, maybe this is crucial).

The reason for this is because I firstly synchronise the video-audio files in an other software and then, as they are synced I want to edit them in Cubase LE.
Do you know if this is possible? Because on the “Import” dialogue window there is no option for XML…

Thank you in advance!

Petros K.

Welcome, @kolotouros. The xml file type is for for various descriptive files- the contents could be anything from preferences in a program to cue sheets to a listing of some schedule, or anything else one could imagine.

So the question is, what exactly is in the file you are trying to import, and what program produced it?

Thanks Steve!
It 's from Premiere Pro.
(And I could send a timeline only with the audio files if that could be an issue.)

So an EDL file? I doubt that Cubase LE can open that, sorry. You would need Nuendo for that.

Thank you very much for the help!
All best!