XML import from Finale crashes

I was trying to import this XML exported from Finale 2012, but upon it Dorico crashes:

My config:
Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.6

Any ideas? Maybe there is something that could be edited in the XML itself? I’d love to try out Dorico instead of Finale. Thanks for all your help!

Here’s the file imported in sib and exported using dolet plug-in
Hope it helps
Just remove .zip from the name to open it in Dorico
thing.dorico.zip (383 KB)

For what it’s worth, this MusicXML file imports in our current development build, so it should be OK in the forthcoming update. Marc has already provided you a workable file, but I can likewise provide one if need be.

Many thanks! Is there anything I could tweak in my other Finale-based XML files if I want to import them to Dorico before your dev comes out as a stable version? I sadly have no access to Sibelius… Otherwise, when do you think the next build will be available?

I think the Dolet plug-in is available for Finale, isn’t it?

In general you should find that MusicXML files from Finale import into Dorico just fine, so I think you’ve just been unlucky to hit upon a file that runs into a bug.

I think actually (perhaps ironically) MakeMusic owns Dolet

According to the Finale website, the Dolet plugin is no longer usable in Finale 25, because that version includes all the Dolet functionality.

So there’s nothing to be gained by installing Dolet if you have version 25. Which is a bummer, because I was hoping for an improvement in my XML results.

Thank you Dan for these details ; I do not own Finale nor have ever used it, so this is interesting news to me.

That would explain why you seem to be such a calm and cheerful fellow on the forums! :laughing: