XML import from Sibelius

In opening XML files exported from Sibelius, I have found in my trial version of Dorico 3.1 that technique text, trills, bowings and various other note modifiers like '+" (used for stopped horn technique) are not detected by Dorico (although a few basic articulations are detected). Is there a work-around to allow Sibelius and Dorico users to collaborate?

It’s not that it isn’t “detected” by Dorico but rather that it hasn’t been exported by Sibelius, I suppose. Therefore, there is nothing to “detect”.

Unfortunately, transferring music between the programs isn’t seamless, there will always be some work required after importing (unless it’s really simple music).

Welcome to the forum, lancec. At the moment, playing techniques are not imported in MusicXML files, regardless of whether they are included in the MusicXML file by the exporting application. This is probably the most significant problem that exists for MusicXML import at the moment, and we do plan to address it.