Xml import generates 5 quater notes in 4/4 time signature

After xml import dorico displays 5 quater notes in a 4/4 time signature. The same xml file imported in cubase 11 is correct.
xml-bug.zip (497.0 KB)

It’s impossible to say anything useful about this without having the original XML and/or the resulting Dorico project, so that we can try and replicate the issue, and maybe find a solution.


I uploaded the xml and the dorico file.

I tried importing the musicxml file into MuseScore 3.
A message popped up indicating that the file is corrupted.
Clicking on “Show Details…” displayed:
“Bar 3, stave 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 7/4”.
When I clicked on “Ignore”, MuseScore displayed this:

Importing it into Dorico displayed this, without giving any error messages:

Where did the XML come from? Is the rhythm correct in the original?

The XML is definitely inconsistent (or corrupt, if you want). Examining the source code I find the durations in bar 3 add up to 7/4 (as MuseScore mentions correctly). Apparently, Dorico gets confused and tries to compensate somewhat, but in any case, the source is wrong to begin with.

It looks as if the MusicXML was exported directly from Sibelius 2021.12, and it may be that this indicates a bug in Sibelius’s MusicXML exporter. You could try reporting this to Avid, though they’ve not made any significant improvements to the direct MusicXML export feature in many years now. However, you might find that the new Dolet 8 for plug-in that you can download and install in Sibelius does a better job:

We could import the Sibelius Dolet plugin generated MusicXML in Dorico without problems. Many thanks for the hint. In order to generate better playbacks we transfare a 380 page opera score from Sibelius to Dorico.: Chris Seidler Kater Moshe und der Zauberbogen - Opera .

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