XML Import Issues


(I thought I posted this already but it hasn’t appeared so trying again)

When importing XML files exported from Sibelius 6 via the Dotlet plugin, Dorico imports them fine…except that it doesn’t display ANY accidentals.

For example, in one bar there is a D followed by a D flat. Dorico displays them with no accidental. However, when selecting the latter note, in the left panel the flat button is highlighted (suggesting that Dorico knows this is a flat note).

Any ideas? I’ve attached an image below. It’s made it almost impossible to work when importing files.


Without seeing the MusicXML file(s) in question it’s hard to know what to recommend, but you should find that selecting the notes and doing Edit > Reset Appearance causes any necessary accidentals to reappear. Dorico will only be hiding them if the MusicXML file specifies that they should not be shown.

Thanks Daniel, that worked perfectly!

Is there a way to select all (eg ctrl+A) as it applies to all notes?

I have uploaded an example XML file to Google Drive (can’t attach *.xml) which causes the problem when imported in case it is useful for troubleshooting.

I’m really starting to enjoy using Dorico, congratulations on its release. I think there are still a few bugs that need to be ironed out but otherwise all good. The scores look wonderful which is why I’m exporting my Sibelius projects over.

There isn’t a good way to select everything at the moment, but we will certainly be addressing this in the near future.

I’ve had a look at the MusicXML file, and interestingly it says:

<supports element='accidental' type='no'/>

and then proceeds never to specify any elements, instead using only the element, which means that Dorico never creates any accidentals. I’ll need to ask Michael Good at MakeMusic what the intention behind this is, and how best we should handle it.

I just had the opposite experience. Exported a file from Dorico. When opened in Finale (all recent versions) no accidentals are displayed. Also, all articulations are missing, the dynamics appeared above rather than below, and the initial “Allegro” marking was gone. I sent the file to Mr. Good for a comment. I’ve had this problem in Finale with other xml’s too so I don’t think Dorico is to blame here… except MAYBE for the articulations, since they didn’t show in MuseScore either (accidentals and dynamics were correct)

In this case it’s almost certainly Dorico’s export that is at fault. Import and export are completely separate operations and require totally separate implementations, and at the moment Dorico’s implementation of MusicXML import is quite a bit more complete than its MusicXML export. This is obviously something we intend to incrementally improve as Dorico matures.

Ultimately we don’t need the export, hopefully, so focusing on import is certainly time better spent :slight_smile: BTW, Sibelius also showed everything, except the staccatti, so the other problems are clearly with Finale. It’s a jungle…

Eek! That’s a bit of a shame (he said, piggybacking on someone else’s thread).

I was rather hoping to get used to inputting in Dorico now, and then export to You-Know-Where for Finn-ishing it off, just while Dorico’s lacking certain features. Think I’ll have to experiment a little with MusicXML exporting from Dorico to be on the safe side…