XML import stems won't flip.

I’ve imported a guitar score from Sibelius via Music XML. Some of the bass notes show with the stems up and Dorico won’t allow me to force the stems down. My first guess was that Dorico thought these notes were in the ‘wrong’’ voice as I had voices 1,2 and 4 in the Sibelius score. But I swapped voice 4 to voice 3 in one of the (Sibelius) bars and re-exported. The problem remains. What could be causing this?

I must be making a basic mistake. When I first opened a score in Dorico I’m sure I could get Force Stem Up and Force Stem Down to work - now they won’t work in any of the scores I’ve created :confused:

I haven’t got it in front of me but can I hazard a guess that you’re in the wrong mode?

Try selecting the stubborn notes and using Edit > Reset Appearance, which will remove the stem direction overrides.

Thanks for your response, Daniel. I’ve tried that; it worked once, then stopped working :frowning:

No further responses to this thread - so here’s a score that has the problem. Can anyone else force down the stems of the bass notes in second beat of bar 6 and bar 7?
ChromGallGtr.Test.dorico.zip (310 KB)

I selected the notes, did Right click - Stem / Remove Forced Stem, then Stem / Force Stem Down.

For the chord in bar 6 you have to select both notes - click on the stem.

Ah, many thanks. I tried Daniel’s suggestion of ‘Edit > Reset Appearance’ but for some reason I hadn’t spotted ‘Remove Forced Stem’.

This seems mostly to happen in voice two when there is no new rhythm event in voice 1. Remove forced stem indeed works.