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Hi there, I have a copyist who does everything in Finale and then transfers to me via XML to orchestrate. Every project we have done has been fine but all of sudden this project keeps recreating the same problem…

Somebody to Love_bad transfer.dorico (1.3 MB)

For some reason the last 12 bars are just missing (except for the chord symbols). We tried other variations (xml, mxl, musicxml) and all produced the same result. Yet he sent me a pdf that clearly shows that he has completed the work. Any idea as to why this is happening?

Somebody to Love.pdf (574.2 KB)

I can also attach the final mus file if need. Thanks in advance.

Sometimes a triplet or other tuplet can cause XML to “choke.”

If he exports, then reimports into Finale, does it work for him, or are those bars still missing? If you want to post the original Finale file, I’ll try exporting and see if it works for me.

Processing: Somebody to Love.musx…
It doesn’t look like the Dorico forum accepts .mus files.

Zip it first.

Somebody to Love.musx.zip (158.7 KB)
Here ya go

After 30 seconds of testing I see what you mean. If I reimport it back into Finale, it imports fine. When I import it into Dorico, I get the same results with missing bars. I’ll see if I can figure out what is messing it up.

Dorico didn’t like something in the vocal part in bar 41. Here’s an XML with that bar deleted. Just reinput the vocal part in bar 41 and it should work.

Somebody to Love.zip (64.7 KB)

Finale allows over-filling a bar with duration, and MusicXML does not understand that. I recently converted some old Finale scores that had tuplets over the barline, and most of the music after the first one of those came through messed up. When I made sure none of the bars were over-filled, everything came through correctly.


One of the first things I did when I downloaded his file was run Check Region for Durations. The file was ok on that anyway.

Every time I see your name here I’ve been meaning to ask, are you the same Mark Johnson that used to work for MakeMusic and wrote a few Finale books?

Nope – Different Mark Johnson (thanks for asking).

I got Finale 1.0 in 1988, and half a year later sent Coda Music Software (as it was known then) a 9-page letter with suggestions for improvements. Over the next 10 years I watched almost all of them be implemented, though of course I got no credit because I had no relationship with them. But I’m not that guy. Cheers.

That’s before me! I started with it around 1994. I think it was 2.2 or 2.3. It still had the giant printed manuals and floppy discs, and you had to look up the codes in the manuals for the clefs.

Finale 98 for me! I can see I’m a relative greenhorn…

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Thank you so much! You fixed it.

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( FWIW - the triplet in meas 41 is the culprit - it’s given as 3:2 32nds but should be 3:2 16ths ) * a very typical Finale>Dorico error *