XML-Parsing failed

I exported a file from Sibelius to MXL and got in Dorico the message: invalid char value 27 at line 5415/var/folders/t5/ etc. I tried all possibilities in the xml-options (text objects on). I can open the xml-file in Sibelius, so maybe somebody from the community or the Dorico staff can tell me, what the char value 27 is, and I could try to change the sibelius file with a valid char value 27.

have you tried opening it in MuseScore? If OK then export it again from there and try Dorico again. (Dunno about ‘27’, but this procedure solves quite a few issues with Finale exports…)

Could you zip up and attach the troublesome MusicXML file here so we can take a look? It’s probably an export bug in Sibelius that isn’t handling a special Unicode character properly.

Thanks, fratveno! MuseScore coudn`t open the file either but gave me a report in which bars the items were corrupted. I could solve most problems by changing in Sibelius the time signature from C to 4/4. So, for sure, it is a problem caused by Sibelius.
But it would be nice if Dorico in later updates could provide such a text report as well! People coming from other notation programs will be very grateful.

For Daniel (thanks in advance): In fact, there are two files (of 13) affected. In the archiv.zip you will find them as well as the reports of MuseScore. Still, there are strange things going on:
In Nr.10 by changing the time signatures I can use the file in Dorico only from bar no. 70 to the end. (In the bars 68 and 69 there are also corrupted breath marks. Deleting them did’nt help.)
In Nr. 11 changing the first pickup bar into a 2/4 and the next one into 4/4 could let me use in Dorico the the flutes, oboes and all strings, but not the clarinettes, bassoons and the brass section.
Maybe you can find final solutions.
Best regards
Archiv.zip (434 KB)

I suggest you look at the original Sibelius files to fix this. In Nr.11, bar 128 in the fourth part, which I think is the clarinet part, there’s an mp dynamic with a null character after it; in No.10, in bar 68 in the flute part, similarly there’s a null character at the end of the dynamic. Probably the easiest thing would be to delete and replace those mp dynamics, then re-export the MusicXML files.

Thank you so much, Daniel, it worked perfectly!
But still: woud’nt it be possible for Dorico (in future versions) to import the file with all valid characters and leave the bars or parts empty with the corrupted ones, accompanied by a crash report?

Not easily, no, because Dorico won’t proceed with the import if the XML data is invalid, i.e. if it doesn’t pass schema validation, then Dorico will bail out.