XML problem file

I posted a question on Facebook about an XML file that would not import. Paul Walmsley asked me to submit the problem here. I don’t need a reply, but the information is as follows:

XML created in the current version of Cubase
import into Dorico: no result. Clock turns endlessly (20 minutes +) I tried it twice with the same result.

import to Sibelius fine, takes about 3 minutes

import in Finale takes about 35 seconds with a repeating warning message:
xml error in file…
at line 63,320:
attribute “number” with value 7 must have a value from the list “1 2 3 4 5 6”.

The imported file in Finale has most smart shapes stripped.

Unfortunately, the MusicXML file is indeed invalid: the number attribute cannot have a value higher than 6, and Cubase is obviously not doing quite the right thing. Could you zip up and attach the MusicXML file?