xml problems with percussion group

This is an xml of a large chamber ensemble from Sib. The player card for percussion /edit instruments shows a lot of instruments not in the score ex. 6 listings for kick drum which isn’t even in the score. When I try to delete those specific items the whole player disappears from the score. Any suggestions other than re-inputting the whole percussion section? Thanks

Richard, did you plan to include a graphic?

Rather than including a picture, please zip up and attach the project so that we can see the problem directly.

did not attach a graphic but will get a zipped copy shortly.

notemplate.zip (857 KB)
Here is a graphic and a zip folder

Richard, I find that if I go into the Edit Percussion Kit dialog and Ctrl+click (Command-click on Mac) the various extraneous instruments from the percussion kit using the trash can icon in the action bar at the bottom of the dialog, they are duly deleted but the player remains in the project as expected.

Thank you Daniel, what I was doing was using the keyboard delete button.