xml scores problem importing

This is probably about the 4th example of a work from sib.7.2 that gets completely messed up when importing .xml or .mxl files. Everything is fine for about the first half of the piece then somewhere about half or more way in the rhythm gets off seemingly by some weird thing like a 64th note and some bars have dynamics but no music. In this score it begins around page 36. The last piece I worked on had to be recopied about half way through the piece. Any way to straighten this out? Thanks
Maresilentmode.zip (1010 KB)

The MusicXML file is probably of more use than the resulting Dorico project, Richard.

Is the translation going haywire near an instance of a tuplet in your source file?

There are tuplets in virtually every bar so that would be hard to tell. I have attached the xml file.
tristezzaprintvuse.zip (140 KB)

Musescore said there was something wrong with the length of measure 148, and the Dorico import generated a hidden time signature on M148 and apparently the wrong number of beats in M149.

Deleting the violin part in M148 seems to fix the problem. I don’t know what is wrong but the combination of multiple voices and tuplets seem to be fragile when importing form Sibelius into Dorico.

Here’s a MusicXML file with that bar deleted. The rest of the import looks sensible, but for music like this it’s hard to be confident whether or not it is correct!
tristezzaprintvuse deleted P4 M148.zip (141 KB)

Rob: thank you very much for doing this, that fixed the problem. Looking at the fixed version (still unedited) I can’t see what might of caused the problem.

Did you come to this conclusion by opening the xml in muse score. As this has happened with other imports I should probably download Musescore.

Musescore has pretty good MusicXML import, and it creates an error report. That showed the problem was in M148, though it actually said there were problems with every staff in that bar.

In fact the Musescore import looked OK despite the error messages, but exporting the MusicXML again form Musescore produced complete garbage for some reason (barlines in the wrong place everywhere).

FWIW I fixed it by first splitting the MusicXML into several files with one instrument each, and then deleting the notes in the only instrument (violin) which didn’t import properly into Dorico. But you probably don’t want to know all the details of that!

The meter in the first few measures are 3/4 based on content, whereas the TS stated is 4/4. Finale will flag these measures as 3/4 with the activated option use a different TS for display.
Removing this option and exporting it again from Finale will (also) fix the file…

That probably explains the mess of bar lines that the MuseScore export created.

fratveno: unfortunately I didn’t have Finale but Sib 7.