Xonar DX ( 116db SNR ) how good sound card.

Hi Xonar DX ( 116db SNR ) how good a sound card. says 35 times cleaner audio signal quality … or is it just another high end gaming card ??? n what exactly is 116db SNR ?? any one compared to the sound cards we use like maudio delta 66 ,/ Edirol UA 101 24/192 khz… n others… any one … thanks sam

Oh please! Forget these consumer-grade soundcards. If it says “35 times cleaner audio quality”, what’s the reference … oh wait … “than most motherboard audio”.

or is it just another high end gaming card ???


But in all honesty … this card may have audio quality just as good as you would ever need for your home studio … but … that’s not what you are looking for (at least that’s what I presume, because you’re at Cubase forum). You’re looking for an audio interface with stable low-latency drivers and no consumer-grade sound card offer those, no matter how good their audio quality is.

So … any Edirol or M-audio product would be a better option for you.

Thanks Jarno , really appreciate it … just a last one … what exactly is 116db SNR ?? any site that gives me a basic tutorial on bd , or just a start … thanks again … sam

SNR = signal-to-noice ratio. It’s difference between loudest sound the equipment can produce and the level of background noise it generates.

So what is good enough SNR? Think about it: 120 dB might be absolute maximum sound pressure you want to hear. Typical backround noise of the space you are listening may be from 20dB (professional studio) to 40dB (relatively quiet home environment). So your listening environment’s SNR might be 80 to 100dB. If your equipment’s SNR exceeds this, you can’t hear it’s background noise, which means 100dB SNR on a sound card shuold be more than enough. So 116dB is overkill and only marketing hype.

Thanks Sir … that was good … sam