XP Netframe 3.5: Is it needed for C6, or just USB-eLicenser?

I very much would like to upgrade to Cubase 6 from SX3, mainly for it’s enhanced ability to detect beats from freely played audio. But, if I have to upgrade to XP Net frame 3.5 in order to run C6 on my music computer, and if it turns out the computer has software/hardware incompatible with Net frame 3.5, I guess I won’t be able to buy Cubase 6 until I can afford a new computer :frowning:

By way of background: My USB-eLicenser has been upgraded successfully on an internet computer running XP net frame 3.5, and that USB-eLicenser is working very nicely to let me run Cubase SX3 on my XP computer (non-internet connected), which only has Net frame 1.1.x installed.

So, I have two questions I’m wondering if anyone can help with:

  1. Does anyone have an idea if C6 will run on an XP machine that has Net frame 1.1.x on it (of course with a fully updated USB-eLicenser)? I understand XP is not officially supported by C6, but I know a lot of people are running it without problems … are any of those on XP computers running Net frame 1.1.x?

  2. If the answer is “No, you can’t run C6 on an XP computer with Net frame 1.1.x, even with a fully updated USB-eLicenser” - does anyone know of a utility that will look in my older XP music computer for incompatibility of existing programs/hardware (music or otherwise) with XP Net frame 3.5? I wouldn’t want to do that individually for each and every piece of hardware/software on the computer!

Thanks in advance for any help!