XP to W7 upgrade: what C5 files to save?

Dear Forum,

I am doing a complete new installation of W7 from XP and upgrading from C5 to C6, so I’m installing from scratch. I want to be sure I save the right preference files and stuff from my C5 setup. So far, I can think of

Key command file
Preferences file
Image of my plug folder structure

Can others think of other stuff I should save from C5 and reinstall into C6?

Thanks for advice.

Save it all. Windows has a program that you can use to make the transfer, it’s free. It takes about 1 hour to save your whole ‘C’ HD, programs and all. If you have files stored on other HDs, they will still be there.

If you are starting from scratch I would do just that, rebuild your prefs, templates etc.for your new system, that way you should avoid some of the problems people have had with old hangovers from previous set-ups,bit of a drag but there you go.